Guided by our trained Coaches, students work at their own pace on projects of their choice designed to teach the fundamentals of computer science. It's personalized learning at its best.

Mastery-based learning is a core value at Hatch. That means that 90% of every class is spent practicing skills by working on projects. At Hatch, students learn by doing and they do a lot during every class.

Designed for All
Students with no experience will be able to get started with the basics of programming and very advanced students will be challenged. Since our classes are self-paced, everyone can learn at their own level and area of interest.

Helping students build and create amazing things that change the way the world works.

Based on Research

At Hatch America, having a growth mindset is one of our core values. It contributes directly to students' character development, and is considered a predictor of success amongst today's top education scholars. We embrace the growth mindset as a means of encouraging our students while delivering a fun, community learning experience.

Designed With Learning in Mind

Our self-paced, student-centered approach to learning comes with the guidance of trained Coaches. Hatch Coaches help students use the Hatch Online Learning Environment, a propriety software platform exclusive to Hatch students. As students learn and build projects, they create a Personal Portfolio which is stored on our server so that students' education and proof of knowledge and understanding can follow them wherever they go.

1. Our Online Learning Environment gives students access to over 600 JavaScript projects.

2. Student efforts are recognized with online badges, awards, and points that turn learning into a game.

3. Parents can track child progress on the Hatch Parent Platform.

4. Students' projects are stored as a digital Personal Portfolio that they can show off to friends and family, as part of their college or university application process, and even when they start looking for work.

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