Hatch America Mission Statement

To change the way people learn through a fun and engaging community.

Hatch America Vision Statement

To establish Hatch as the premier provider of computing-related instruction while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.

Our Values - With our employees, our programs and our customers, at our core, we live these values:

Being creative, zany, and thoughtful
Building an environment where friendship is the main currency
Embracing diversity as a difference that strengthens everything we do
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Developing creativity, self-sufficiency, collaboration, and critical thinking
Giving everyone the power to learn and grow on their own terms.
Enabling everyone to become wildly, creatively proficient in every topic learned.
Making self discovery the most important part of learning.
Growth Mindset
Encouraging the belief that in every skill and area, people can get better at what they do.