Program Benefits

1. Extra- and co-curricular programs to meet your school’s needs.

2. Sessions are offered during the school day, at lunch, or after school.

3. The program is available to girls and boys aged 7 and older.

4. There are numerous project themes such as art, sports, science, etc. to engage students.

5. Our trained Coaches (instructors) work with small groups of a maximum of six students each.

6. All student projects are stored in a digital portfolio on a secure server.

7. The school is the recipient of a Digital Art Mural unique to their school which showcases student projects.

How the program works

Using Hatch's proprietary coding software, trained instructors will come to your school and help students understand the fundamentals of coding. Each week, students will work towards learning new skills and completing theme based projects in a digital portfolio system which the school can later showcase.

Commonly Asked Questions

What coding experience do students require to start a Hatch program?

  • No prior coding experience required.

What equipment is required to run a coding program?

  • Schools need WiFi to participate. They can rent laptops from Hatch or supply their own computers.

When do sessions start and how many weeks do they last?

  • Hatch programs at a school can begin at any time of the school year. Some schools run sessions year-long while others do so seasonally. After-school and lunch sessions vary from 8 to 36 weeks in length.

Have Hatch instructors gone through background checks?

  • All Hatch instructors have provided a recent police background check, along with a vulnerable sector check. Additionally, multiple references have been interviewed.

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