Coding, Community, and Fun for Everyone

Students of all ages are mentored by Coaches trained in working at the student's pace to facilitate mastery of concepts and skills.

The entrepreneurial spirit and growth mindset that bring Hatch alive are encouraged and fostered in all members of our community.

Hatch lets people be themselves and find the tools to express who they are and what sparks them - regardless of age, sex, ethnic background, or creed.

Why Hatch?

A Values-Based Approach

We are devoted to developing excellence in our students and also in our Coaches. That's why we hire people who love working with children and people of all ages. It's also why we engage in ongoing professional development for our staff. Our Coaches embody the Hatch Values. They guide our students through the learning process and encourage them to have fun, take risks in their learning, and make friends because at Hatch, we believe that community is a learning environment where friendship is the main currency.

Our Coaches are definitely camp counselors. They are also mentors, engineers, coders, students of the social sciences and pure sciences, and more. We are proud to have an incredibly diverse group of people working at Hatch. We are also proud that we have achieved a nearly perfect split in the number of men and women working for us - at all levels of the company.

A More Human Way of Learning

Self-paced, mastery-based, and student-centered learning are core values at Hatch because we know that students learn more and learn better when they are highly engaged with what they're learning. By making self-paced, mastery-based learning our key pedagogical approaches, we ensure that our students are appropriately challenged and involved in the learning process. We keep our student-teacher ratios low so that students get more attention.

In our youths classes, ratios are either 4:1 or 6:1, depending on the program. We think these low ratios help students become proficient in their various computing skills and we want them to be happy and have fun at the same time. We think that fun, proficiency, and confidence are the natural results of community where everyone feels comfortable working at their own pace and on their own thing. That's why we also focus on teaching critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaborative skills. These are competencies that will serve them throughout their lives.

Write real lines of code! Learn real computer languages, not just 'drag and drop' programming.

Teaching skills to last a lifetime.

Writing code
Write real lines of code! Not just ‘drag-and-drop’ coding - but real JavaScript!

Portfolio Building
Create a work portfolio - and think critically on what they would like to add to it.

Additional Topics
Learn new topics in math, statistics, physics and more as concepts are used in our advanced programs

Critical Thinking
Problem-solving skills that apply well beyond computer science

Communication Skills
Talk to peers and make meaningful relationships with coaches and students

Self Reliance
Independence and self-management. Greater self confidence!

Creative Thinking
Synthesize knowledge and information to create projects that are totally unique.

Learn how to appropriately give and receive feedback and help.

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